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Liz & Alen

We can't thank Amy Chow of TheLovePix enough for the outstanding work they did for our wedding! They produced absolutely stunning images and were an absolute pleasure to work with for our engagement photos and our wedding day. We feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them.

When we first inquired about working with them, we were directed to their online portfolio. The presentation was thorough and professional and we loved the samples we saw. Amy was willing to travel all around the Bay Area with us for our engagement photos and our wedding. We took her to Foster City, Fremont, Newark and San Ramon. Amy was always prepared, on time and in great spirits! Amy was also VERY flexible with our time. My husband and I both work for an elementary school and coach for the Fremont Football League making our schedules packed and our availability not at "normal" times. TheLovePix were easy to keep in contact with and prompt to reply to both emails and phone calls.

Amy was full of ideas in every location we went. My favorite part was that she was always watching, with camera ready, capturing moments that were candid, emotional, and true to the nature of our relationship. She caught us in beautiful moments we had no idea were even happening. Amy also spent a great amount of time getting to know my husband and I. She nailed our personalities and the playfulness of our relationship.

On the day of the wedding, Amy handled everything smoothly, calmly, and skillfully. Amy and her fellow photographer were almost invisible. There were some posed pictures or moments we knew we wanted her to capture, but for the most part they were invisible getting those tender moments. She also managed her time and crowd of people well. We both have large families!

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